Future is Already Here
We empower Smart Cities with Deep Learning Technologies
Future is Already Here
We empower Smart Cities with Deep Learning Technologies
Introducing SCN - Smart City Network
Introducing SCN - Smart City Network
Time Series Data Streams drive predictive and presciptive analytics for the benefits of entire city
AI can be used to optimize all these processes and reduce expenses
We connect all Smart City components into one network - Smart City Network, or SCN. AI is an important part of SCN
AI will allow you to create a more comfortable habitat for citizens and guests of the city
Mobility is most important part of Smart City living. Without Smart, AI and Quantum Computing powered Mobility our cities will not be as good as we can make them to be!

In addition to Smart Cities, the creation of Smart States is the next step of outmost importance.
SCN ecosystem part: Building services.
Building services may be more effective if you make a prediction for their usage. You may build a schedule for an elevator to make it economicly better and for residents to reach their destination inside the building more conveniently
SCN ecosystem affect: Smart Traffic Flows.
AI combined with advanced methods of discrete mathematics will help to optimize traffic flows. It will also allow to optimize routes for separate participants of traffic with complex movement schedule, such as vehicles of delivery services
SCN ecosystem part: Smart Traffic Lights.
For better optimization we coonect all the traffic lights in one Smart Network. AI may predict vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow through the traffic light in particular moment. It will allow to create a Green bands to minimize delays for traffic participants
SCN ecosystem part: Smart Public Transport.
Public transport must be equipped with diffeerent sensors to let the Smart Traffic Light Network know about its movement along the city roads. AI will switch lights for public transport for not to make them wait on red light
SCN ecosystem part: Compact Vehicles.
Bikes, scooters, and other compact vehicles became an important part of Smart Mobility. We must include them in Smart Mobility Platform for better price regulation and proper rental location placement
SCN ecosystem affect: Personal Transport.
The introduction of autonomous driving systems involves the presence on public roads a large number of ordinary cars and cars with autopilot 4th generation and above. It is necessary to provide ordinary cars with interaction with the urban infrastructure.
SCN ecosystem part: Smart Car Sharing.
You may collect a statistic data about where and when there is a greatest demand for Sharing Cars. Based on that data you may provide a discount to make the driver leave a car in the place, where the car will be more in demand.
SCN ecosystem part: Smart Taxi.
Like in case with a Shared Cars, you may collect data about taxi demand and arrange a taxi acoording to that data. You may provide Taxi services preventively, so taxi client will not have to wait
SCN makes it easy to implement Autonomous Diving in the Smart CIty.
Urban infrastructure under SCN control is ready to interact with autonomous vehicles
Data between the parts of the SCN urban system must be streamed via 5G network or faster
SCN uses detailed maps and positioning system with high precision
SCN uses innovative math models to optimize AV trajectories in common traffic flow
SCN connects dirrefent devices of urban infrastructure
SCN connects dirrefent devices of urban infrastructure
Smart Conditioning Systems
Weather Sensors
Smart Household Appliances
Smart Traffic Lights
Wireless Networks
Smart Parking Meters
City Cameras
Enroute to Quantum Supremacy
In Smart Cities
Working with existing QC Development Platforms
Developing new QC algorithms
Inventing specialize Quantum Hardware Systems
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